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    AES energía rural

    Man talking to a a crowd of children at night. AES energía rural

    Project name: 


    AES Energía Rural

    Project location:


    El Salvador


    Sub-focus area:


    Rural electrification

    Since 2001, through AES Rural Energy, we have contributed to reduce the number of households without electricity. We’ve been improving the quality of life of thousands of families from rural zones and providing them with new economic and social opportunities, including the possibility to create businesses and to enjoy the benefits of energy in order to receive better education, health services, traffic safety and healthy entertainment. Between 2009 and 2012, we established an alliance with Fomilenio that enabled the construction of 1,110 electrification projects. In 2016, we developed our first Solar Rural Energy pilot plan to provide households in remote zones access to electrical energy. This innovative project provided electrical energy from highly reliable solar energy sources, benefiting 14 families in the Los Encuentros settlement within the municipality of San Francisco Menéndez. In 2019, we started an initiative to support families in poverty by providing free installation of the electrical service and a basic system that included a breaker box, an outlet and an energy-saving lightbulb.  

    In parallel with these initiatives, we give talks to rural communities on the safe use and efficient consumption of electricity. To date, more than 60,000 people from 1,047 rural communities throughout the country have benefited from these talks.

    Man sharing content on his phone with a boy
    Energy worker sharing plans with citizens outdoors


    77,400 families


    Fomilenio, FINET (National Electricity and Telecommunications Investment Fund), municipal offices, and our AES people 

    In parallel, we give talks to rural communities on the safe use and efficient consumption of electricity. To date, more than 60,000 persons from 1,047 rural communities throughout the country have benefited from these talks. 

    House lit up at dusk with family outside
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