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Energy4Talent application process

For this program we have set up a robust recruiting process, which runs from September to December every year. During this four-month process, you will get a chance to connect and collaborate with other candidates, as well as get to know our business and culture to identify if AES is the right place for you.

Click apply now then select your market. At this point, you will be redirected to your market- specific application portal. Start by uploading your resume and answering a questionnaire intended to gather basic information, such as your university, major, graduation date, and English level.

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Program start: January 2024

Online Assessment

If you meet the basic criteria for the program and move forward from the initial questionnaire, you will receive a link to an online assessment in a portal called HireVue.

This assessment is made up of several video interview questions focused on learning more about you and your experiences, as well as a few online games designed to assess logic and problem-solving abilities.


Group Assessment

Based on the analysis of the video interview and games in HireVue, we will select groups of top candidates by country for a group assessment. This part of the process will also be virtual. Approximately 15-20 candidates will be invited to each virtual session where we will get to know each other better, share more information about the program and AES and answer any questions you may have.

Business Panel

After the group assessments, we will select groups of 10-15 candidates to move forward to the Business Panel stage, which will be managed in-person or virtually, on a country-by-country basis. For this stage of the process, we will prioritize in-person sessions, however, that might not be a possibility in every market. This will be communicated to the selected participants in advance of this stage of the process.

This part of the process is similar to Group Assessments; the main difference in this stage is that it includes the participation of several AES senior leaders at the sessions. The Business Panels are structured in three parts.

Individual interviews

After business panels, we will discuss internally among our HR teams and business leaders to identify the top 2-3 candidates for each trainee position available.

These candidates will be asked to attend a short 30-minute interview with at least one HR team member and one business leader. As with the Business Panel stage, these interviews could be virtual or in-person depending on the location. In-person activities will be prioritized as much as possible.

This interview is focused on answering any remaining questions that both the AES participants and the candidate have about the position, work expectations, professional interests, applicable experiences and any other relevant topics.


Offer letters

After the interview stage, a final decision is made internally in order to send out the offer letters to the selected candidates. At this point, you will be in direct contact with the recruiter and HR representative for your location to coordinate all logistics related to the hiring process and documentation needed to begin the program.



There will be in person activities and globally coordinated virtual sessions. During the induction process you will:

  • Receive your equipment.
  • Get to know the other trainees in your cohort.
  • Meet former and current trainees at AES.
  • Learn about AES through sessions with several global and regional leaders.
  • Participate in skills trainings to set you up for success in your first rotation.
  • Understand details about the Energy4Talent program.
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Common trainee qualities


The Energy4Talent program actively recruits top tier talent, with the goal of forming an innovative group of new and recent college graduates, capable of leading high-impact projects that directly contribute to a greener energy future. Our trainees are motivated, leadership-oriented individuals who exhibit a desire to develop the following qualities.


Preparation materials