Gen-tie transmission lines deliver clean energy from wind and solar resources to residential and commercial utility customers via the power grid. The West Camp Wind Farm in Northern Arizona will connect, via a gen-tie line, to existing transmission infrastructure associated with the Cholla Power Plant, which is scheduled to be decommissioned in the coming years.

Currently, AES is assessing several gen-tie line options to connect to the Arizona Public Service transmission system to determine the optimum approach for the West Camp Wind Farm. Visual simulations, cultural resource investigations, natural resource and wildlife studies and other siting evaluations are essential for identifying and mitigating impacts on applicable resources in Navajo County.

AES will locate the on-site substations and potential on-site switchyard infrastructure within the wind farm project site, all on private property in Navajo County. The specific locations for the gen-tie line corridors will be determined after additional electrical engineering and design studies. The West Camp Wind gen-tie line will be constructed entirely on private land in unincorporated portions of Navajo County, Arizona.

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The West Camp Wind Gen-Tie Project received unanimous approval for Certificates of Environmental Compatibility from the Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee on October 18, 2022, after completing all of the necessary steps and studies.




About West Camp Wind Farm

The West Camp Wind Farm, sometimes referred to as the Navajo County Wind Farm, is a planned up-to-500 MW project consisting of up to 104 wind turbines to be located about 10 miles south of Joseph City, Arizona in Navajo County.

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