Partnering with Utah to accelerate a clean energy future.

AES is a leading clean energy developer in Utah, with our US clean energy business headquartered in Salt Lake City. AES is committed to supporting a safe and reliable transition to clean energy as we invest in our people and local communities in the state. Utah has established its leadership in solar generating capacity, ranking 10th in the US. Together with our communities, partners and customers, AES is developing and delivering innovative clean energy solutions to help Utah achieve its goal of electric utilities generating 20% of their electricity through renewable energy by 2025.

AES has more than 1,100 MW of planned solar and energy storage development in Utah. Our projects create jobs, build community partnerships, generate substantial property tax revenue for local governments and protect the environment. We are dedicated to building meaningful partnerships with local nonprofits, educational institutions and local businesses to ensure our projects provide long-lasting benefits to the community.

Our leadership in Utah


Operating MW in the state


Operating projects in the state


Year AES began operating in Utah

Our projects

Project name Location Facility type Planned facility size Project status
Clover Creek Solar Juab County Solar 80 MW In operation
Latigo Wind San Juan County Wind 60 MW In operation
Sigard Solar Sevier County Solar 100 MW In operation
Hunter Solar Emery County Solar 80 MW In operation
Glen Canyon Solar Kane County Solar 95 MW In development

Take a look at our recently completed project, AES’ Clover Creek Solar project.

AES people

Building partnerships to strengthen communities

We believe in being a good neighbor, ensuring responsible clean energy development that benefits both the environment and local communities. At AES, we understand that our success as a company is only as strong as our partnerships with the communities where we operate. That’s why we partner with communities, customers, state agencies, higher education and elected officials to see how we can best work together to support sustainable social and economic development that complement the local geography and unique culture.

All together with SEI Solar Workforce Development

AES has partnered with Solar Energy International, a leading solar training and educational non-profit, to provide solar workforce development and training in Utah. As part of that effort, AES has created an AES-funded scholarship, which provides financial assistance for 20 Utah residents to cover solar education tuition fees. AES’ partnership with SEI includes two elements: the AES scholarship fund and consulting services for colleges and universities to provide career development for the future solar industry workforce. The partnership aims to stimulate local participation in Utah’s clean energy industry through professional development and training, ultimately leading to employment in the solar energy industry. Individuals selected for the AES scholarship will enroll in SEI’s North America Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Associates training program, which includes online solar system design and installation classes along with NABCEP PV Associate testing. By empowering these individuals with the necessary training, the AES scholarship program will strengthen and build the growing Utah solar workforce.

Community contributions

In partnership with


AES is a proud member and partner of

  • Interstate Renewable Energy Council


  • Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR)

  • University of Utah

  • Juab County School District

  • Snow Community College

  • Utah Solar Energy Association (USEA)

  • Junior Achievement –Utah

  • Economic Development Corporation of Utah (member)

  • Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA)

  • Navajo Nation

  • The Hopi Foundation

  • Navajo Power