What are the Innovation Labs?

The Innovation Labs are how we identify your unique business and energy challenges and transform them into new solutions to meet your current and future needs in a customized and collaborative environment.

How do the Innovation Labs work?


We evaluate alongside you your business and energy goals, and if the best solution to meet your goals doesn’t exist yet, we’ll create it.

Our AES experts take you through our proven innovation roadmap that is supported by new technologies, specialized teams and proven methodologies that you can now access at an Innovation Lab – either in person, digitally or in a simulated virtual reality environment.

How to join the Innovation Labs

Innovation lab

Visit a local AES Innovation Lab.

Our network of Innovation Labs communicate with each other to develop solutions that serve our customers locally and regionally. We then adapt and tailor these solutions to new customers and markets.

Innovation hub avatar

Virtual reality

We co-create your solution with you in a fully virtual and immersive collaborative experience.

Innovation lab - hybrid


Meet with us through a combination of in-person and virtual collaboration sessions.

Success stories

By innovating together with our customers, we’ve successfully launched new impactful energy products and businesses that are now available to you.

Carbon-neutral LNG

Carbon-neutral LNG

Carbon-neutral LNG is a carbon-neutral fuel that offsets 100% of emissions associated with your natural gas supply, all the way from start to finish. This allows you to keep your current procurement practices in an easy, straight-forward process that requires no extra steps on your part while allowing you to offset your carbon footprint.

  • ~180,000 tons of CO2 emissions offset per LNG cargo
People analyzing data together

Smart data

Smart Data is a customer-facing energy management platform that enables faster and better decisions for your business. We provide real- time visibility into the performance of your facilities, delivering alerts and recommendations to achieve your sustainability and efficiency goals. 


  • Real-time monitoring of energy consumption.
  • Energy quality monitoring, including power outages, voltage and frequency fluctuations.
  • Data-driven recommendations and actionable insights to reach your energy goals, such as energy savings, emissions reduction and business continuity.


EnerEx is a digital platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to capture data from the regional market to help us make the best decisions for your energy transactions.

Energy exchanges currently available in:

  • El Salvador-Guatemala
  • Guatemala-Panama
  • Panama-Guatemala
  • Panama-El Salvador

Coming soon:

  • Mexico – Guatemala
  • Mexico – United States

Areas of expertise

We leverage our diverse expertise to create customized, scalable and flexible solutions for you.

greeen energy

Clean energy portfolio customization


Energy consumption optimization


Operational projects analysis and monitoring


Energy transaction and market analysis


Risk management and asset portfolio analysis