AES is committed to being a good neighbor and developing strong partnerships with the Navajo County community by:

Creating a curriculum for Northland Pioneer College to increase students’ skills and knowledge in the fast-growing renewable energy industry.

Contributing to Watts of Love, an organization dedicated to enhancing access to safe, affordable electricity and lighting for off-grid communities.

Supporting the Joseph City, Holbrook & Winslow Chambers of Commerce.

Supporting the Willow Bend Environmental Education Center, an organization committed to responsible stewardship of natural and cultural resources.

Engaging with indigenous groups and recognizing those with distinct, historical relationships with the land.

Trabajo energía Solar

Collaborating with industry groups to deliver solar energy workforce training programs to Arizonans.

Abiding by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Arizona Game and Fish Department wind energy wildlife guidelines to identify, prevent, mitigate and compensate for potential adverse impacts to wildlife from wind farm development.

Providing millions of dollars in property taxes for Navajo County that can benefit local schools, public services, and infrastructure.

Stimulating the local economy by generating millions of dollars of direct and indirect project expenditures over the project lifespan.

Creating new revenue streams for ranchers and landowners through land leases.

Designing renewable energy projects to avoid impacts on sensitive environmental and cultural resources and minimize effects on residential areas.

Producing enough clean energy to power more than 360,000 households annually, with no on-site air pollution or water consumption.

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Supporting Arizona’s clean energy transition

West Camp Wind Farm and other AES wind farms in Arizona will contribute to the state’s ambitious goal to reach 80% renewable energy by 2050.

About West Camp Wind Farm

The West Camp Wind Farm, sometimes referred to as the Navajo County Wind Farm, is a planned up-to-500 MW project consisting of up to 104 wind turbines to be located about 10 miles south of Joseph City, Arizona in Navajo County.