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Drive impact through access and insights 

While you focus on becoming the best in your industry, we provide quality access to cleaner energy and put data to work for you through our next-generation utility platforms. We develop partnerships, connect you to the insights that matter most, and consolidate all the complicated pieces of your energy portfolio to give you the visibility and control that you need to optimize your business.  

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Smart distribution networks

Enlighten homes and businesses through next-generation utility platforms to ensure safe, reliable and efficient energy.  

Clean energy navigator

As your energy partner, we’ll navigate the complex energy landscape while you focus on your business goals with a customized design strategy ready for delivery. 

How Google is using data centers to accelerate the global adoption of clean energy

Google is known as the world’s leading technology company, but they’re also a world leader in climate action. As a major energy user, Google has set out and achieved ambitious climate goals to eliminate its carbon footprint and operate its data centers on carbon-free energy. 

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