AES Bulgaria built for its employees ‘energy workers’ small town’ at the site of TPP AES Galabovo as part of the measures against COVID-19

TPP AES Galabovo and St. Nikola Wind Farm’s employees continue to guarantee the energy security of the country by following the measures to contain the epidemic

AES Bulgaria built for its employees a ‘energy workers’ small town’ at the site of TPP AES Galabovo. The project is part of the company’s business continuity plan and guarantees the energy supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ‘energy workers’ small town’, which consists of 31 fully equipped containers with bedrooms and sanitary facilities, will accommodate specialists from TPP AES Galabovo in case of a spike in the COVID-19 crisis. Employees who are directly involved in the power generation and other key areas of operations at TPP AES Galabovo will be isolated for 2 weeks on a shift basis in the modern containers. Before entering the ‘‘energy workers’ small town’, all employees will be tested to guarantee that they are not infected with the coronavirus. They will be provided with food, beverages, and all essentials for their daily live. The containers are located at different locations throughout the plant territory  and the waste disposal facility to reduce the contact between the employees. There are quarantine premises set up on the territory of the power plant, which will be used in case of a person with coronavirus symptoms until the arrival of the emergency teams and the teams of Regional Health Inspectorate.

A similar plan is also developed for St. Nikola Wind Farm where due to the small number of employees, their continuous stay is secured at the wind farm’s work premises.

‘All premises for temporary residence of the employees are fully equipped with all the essentials of domestic nature to guarantee that our colleagues have normal and comfortable living conditions after their shifts. We fully understand the emotional side of not being able to go home to your family and we highly appreciate the responsible attitude with which our specialists keep the operations of the power plant. We are doing everything possible so that TPP AES Galabovo continues to provide security to the Bulgarian energy system, even in case of extraordinary work conditions, Ivan Tzankov, Managing Director of AES Bulgaria commented. 

An internal crisis response plan is underway in AES Bulgaria, which provides for more measures to preserve the lives and health of the employees within the generating capacities of the company in the conditions of COVID-19 epidemic.

Since the beginning of the state of emergency on March 13 to date, TPP AES Galabovo, the most modern coal power plant in Bulgaria, and the largest wind farm in the country St. Nikola Wind Farm generated more than 382 000 MWh of energy for the Bulgarian customers. This amount would be sufficient to satisfy the average monthly consumption of 1 350 000 households in the country. All of this once again proves AES Bulgaria’s responsibility to the Bulgarian society and the key role of the company’s generating capacities for guaranteeing the energy security of the country.

The management of AES Bulgaria thanks all of its employees for the strong spirit and the high professional and civic duty, which they also show in the difficult conditions of COVID-19.