Industry collaboration the focus as AES takes the stage at CLEANPOWER 2024

In AES' continued pursuit of developing and delivering innovative clean energy solutions, collaboration remains the cornerstone of all we do. As our greatest asset, it enables us to harness the collective wisdom of our internal and external stakeholders to have the greatest impact. That’s why, at AES, we share a purpose of accelerating the future of energy, together; working hand-in-hand with our people, communities, regulators, customers and industry partners.

As a leading member of the American Clean Power Association (ACP) and Gold Presenting Sponsor for CLEANPOWER 2024, we are committed to driving policy outcomes and accelerating the global energy transition. Alongside the recent appointment of Kleber Costa, Chief Commercial Officer of AES' US Renewables business, to the ACP's Board of Directors, AES’ sponsorship and participation in ACP’s annual CLEANPOWER conference demonstrates our dedication to shaping the industry's direction and priorities through this industry leading event.

At this year’s conference, three exceptional women leaders from AES will take the stage:

  1. Amanda Smith, VP External Affairs, will lend her insights to ACP's EmpowHER Forum, championing the empowerment of women and non-binary leaders in the clean power sector.
  2. Jennifer Cooper, VP Supply Chain, will moderate a panel of industry leaders focusing on “Domestic Clean Energy Manufacturing” advancing the conversation around domestic manufacturing in the renewable energy supply chain.
  3. Lara Hamsher, Director of Stakeholder Relations, will contribute to the panel discussion on “Messaging Clean Energy,” highlighting the importance of delivering effective communication through community engagement.

CLEANPOWER 2024 is a critical industry gathering and forum for collaboration and alignment within the industry. It's an opportunity for us to come together with like-minded individuals and organizations to address pressing, common challenges and seize transformative opportunities. Through meaningful discussions and engagements, we can chart a course toward a safer, more equitable and sustainable energy future.

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