AES is fundamentally changing the way solar is installed to make it more affordable, accessible, faster, safer, efficient and scalable to accelerate decarbonization for businesses worldwide.

That’s why we’re revolutionizing the future of solar through our first-of-its-kind solar robot and innovation partnership with 5B.



AES developed a first-of-its-kind solar robot to enhance the speed, efficiency and safety of scaling solar.


Why Atlas?

Atlas will complement our skilled workforce by keeping them safe and performing the heavy lifting, placing and attachment of solar modules while adding new high-tech jobs.


Solar jobs are installation and construction-related, the largest segment in the industry


U.S. solar workers needed by 2030 to reach 100% clean energy goal by 2035


Increase of employment in solar installation from 2020-2030, the fastest growing career in the U.S.


Solar construction can be automated


O&M services can be automated

Benefits to our partners


  • Faster

  • Cheaper

  • Precise

  • Ability to install larger panels

Additional benefits

  • Increases safety of workers by performing dangerous heavy lifting

  • Enabling partner to EPCs to work faster, smarter and safer

  • Reliable

  • Efficient

  • Increases operating performance

solar panel


Together, we’re removing common barriers to solar deployment to enable companies to add solar resources 3X faster while providing 2X more energy within the same footprint of traditional solar facilities.




  • Pre-wired, plug & play modular system shipped to site ready to deploy

  • Minimal site preparations



  • 200 kW+ per team / day

  • 1 MW installed per week, with only 3 people



  • Up to 2X more energy per area

  • Streamlined logistics and high shipping density

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Rapid deployment

  • Redeployable

  • Zero performance impact

Location icon

Install anywhere

  • Remote, rural and sites in harsh conditions

  • Suitable for all ground and soil types, including landfills, with minimal ground penetration and limited to no civil works required.

  • Wind-resistant and already deployed in cyclone areas

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Short or long term solutions

  • Use the energy when you need it, pack it up if operations move or land is needed for redevelopment


Scalable solutions

  • Flexibility to scale the system to meet customer needs on a project by project basis or remove a system as demand requires

Power generation icon

Hybrid Solutions

  • Integrates with other energy systems, including battery energy storage, wind and more


5B and AES unfold the power of solar energy

AES is a world leader in solar innovation


AES is one of the world leaders in battery energy storage and integrating batteries with renewable energy, like solar, wind and hydropower.


24/7 carbon-free energy

hawaii solar panels

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative and AES made history by creating a new model for delivering large-scale renewable energy.

Together, we created the PV Peaker Plant, a first of-its-kind DC-coupled solution delivering reliable, readily dispatchable carbon-free power through one of the world’s largest operational solar-plus-storage systems.

Alamitos BESS

AES launched the global energy storage industry

The Edison Electric Institute (EEEI) recognized AES and our Alamitos Battery Energy Storage System for launching the energy storage industry as we know it today. We proved that large-scale battery storage is a critical piece to integrating intermittent renewable energy to fulfill the promise of a 100% carbon-free future.


24/7 carbon-free energy is the new world-leading standard in sustainability

The next frontier in building a sustainable future is ensuring that carbon-free energy is the primary source for facilities, when and where they have load—100% carbon-free energy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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