chateaugay wind turbines with snow

Chateaugay Wind, located in the Town of Chateaugay in Franklin County, New York, is an existing 106.5 MW wind park planned to be repowered by AES. This project reduces carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 135,705 metric tons each year, producing enough electricity to power approximately 24,600 homes annually.

Operational since 2009, Chateaugay Wind is a project to which AES is excited to bring new life. The repowering of the wind park will incorporate significant component and control systems replacement with design improvements, resulting in greater energy production and improved energy reliability and availability. Repowering will ensure continued, significant economic benefits to the local community via HCA (Host Community Agreements) and PILOT (Payments in Lieu of Taxes) agreements.

Chateaugay Wind Map

Making a Difference in Franklin County: AES’ Social Impact Program

Since 2021, AES has collaborated with stakeholders in Franklin County through our dedicated Social Impact Program. With contributions exceeding $130,000.00, we focus on increasing access to safe, efficient, and affordable energy and basic services, fostering inclusive economic growth and education, enhancing community resilience, and promoting environmental sustainability.


Partnering for Inclusive Economic Growth and Education

Chateaugay Revitalization Committee

  • Our contributions supported the 2023 Wizards of Winter Concert, enhancing the community's cultural vibrancy

Chateaugay Rotary

  • Our donation and partnership supported local initiatives focused on increasing economic growth and educational opportunities.

Chateaugay Central School

  • Our support for the school's winter sports program and the purchase of new instruments for the high school band enriched students’ educational experiences.

Franklin Essex Hamilton BOCES

  • We funded the installation of solar panels with batteries at the North Franklin Educational Center, enhancing their solar instructional program and promoting renewable energy education.


Increasing Access to Safe, Efficient, and Affordable Energy and Basic Services

Burke Volunteer Fire Department

  • Our donation and partnership helped purchase three turnout gear suits for firefighters, enhancing the safety and efficiency of local emergency services.

Burke Adult Center

  • Our donation for roof renovations ensures that the Adult Center remains a safe and accessible community resource.


Partnering for Community Resilience

Burke Foothills EMS Center

  • We facilitated the purchase of a Promethean Smart Board for the training center, improving the quality of emergency medical training and community preparedness.


Partnering for the Environment

Wilder Farm

  • Our donation purchased and supported the installation of geothermal heat pumps, promoting sustainable energy solutions and environmental stewardship.


Through these initiatives, AES is proud to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of Franklin County. We remain dedicated to our mission of creating positive social impact by fostering strong community partnerships and supporting essential services and sustainable development.

If you know of an organization in your community that could benefit from AES's support, please reach out to us at

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