Electric Vehicles: Top 3 AES Indiana Customer EV Questions

January 23, 2023


Electric cars have come a long way since the sleepy models of yesteryear. Are you considering the switch? Whether it’s the exciting new technology, savings on expensive gasoline or stellar performance, there is a lot to be excited about when you’re ready to go electric. But what if you’re not quite ready? 

Our goal is to make your new EV driving experience as easy and affordable as possible and we’re here to help. Here are three frequently asked questions we get about EVs.

Question #1: Which electric car is right for me?
Glad you asked!  Whether you’re an EV novice or a seasoned expert, we have what you need to decide about your next car. If you’re ready for EV 101, check out all the information we have. This will give you everything you need to know about fuel savings, different makes and models, and even the availability of public chargers around town.

When you’re ready to get behind the wheel, AES Indiana and our partner Motor will bring you up to speed on the game-changing world of EVs. In fact, we can deliver an EV right to your door! How does it work? It’s simple: you download the app, choose your car, schedule delivery, get acquainted with your new EV and start driving! You receive a month-by-month subscription to your own personal EV, a charger installed at your home, insurance, maintenance and access to our 24/7 concierge service. Check out Motor subscriptions (and even purchase options).

Question #2: Do you have recommendations or rebates for EV chargers?
Yes and yes!  AES Indiana offers a Managed Charging program for our residential customers. You may ask, “What is Managed Charging?” It’s as simple as it sounds. We work with you to reduce your EV charger’s energy usage during peak times on the electric grid. This is a win-win because it helps you avoid costly upgrades to our system. To make it worth your while, we give you a $250 rebate for a smart, Level 2 EV charger. We can also help out with installation services, at no charge or at a reasonable charge, if you don’t already have a preferred electrician.

Sound interesting? Check out the smart EV chargers we have available.

Question #3: Do you have ways I can save on my monthly bill if I drive an EV?
We sure do. First, congratulations on your new
or new to youEV! You’re already likely to save a bundle on fuel by going electric, but we have a couple of ways you can save even more!

  • First, in addition to the $250 rebate for Managed Charging, we also give you a $50 annual incentive for every year you stay enrolled in the program! This incentive is our way of saying “thanks” for your ongoing participation. 
  • Second, if you’re more interested in self-managing your EV charging, then Rate EVX might be for you. Rate EVX is a “time-of-use” rate for your electric car. During overnight hours, when charging up is more efficient for the grid, we provide a rate discount that you’ll see on your bill. If you’re ready to save with Rate EVX, check out the requirements.    


There you have it. You now know the top 3 customer EV questions —and answers.  We hope this helps as you consider an EV as your next set of wheels. Drive safe!