Clinton Wind, located in the Village of Clinton in Clinton County, New York, is an existing 100.5 MW wind park planned to be repowered by AES. This project reduces carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 116,007 metric tons each year, producing enough electricity to power approximately 21,100 homes annually.


Operational since 2008, Clinton Wind is a project to which AES is excited to bring new life. The repowering of the project will incorporate significant component and control systems replacement with design improvements, resulting in greater energy production and improved energy reliability and availability. Repowering will ensure continued, significant economic benefits to the local community via HCA (Host Community Agreements) and PILOT (Payments in Lieu of Taxes) agreements.


AES is proposing to use all the existing sites and support facilities that have already been established for Clinton Wind. The existing wind turbine towers will not be replaced or relocated, though the existing foundations may require modifications to accommodate the repower. Where feasible, AES will replace turbine drivetrains, rotors, hubs, and blades. Generators will be either refurbished or replaced based on the condition of the individual generators, and all existing project facilities and points of interconnection will be used as-is. No changes to the project area, number of generators, access roads, or electrical support systems are expected.

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Estimated repowering timeline

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