Project overview

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199 MW solar plus 100 MW storage capacity


Enough clean energy to power 71,739 homes annually


Baca County, Colorado, off Hwy 116

Project overview


  • 1,120 acres of privately owned land will host the project

  • Provides clean energy to Xcel Energy customers

  • 2025 estimated operational date

  • Up to 25-year project life with AES as long-term owner operator

AES’ National Grassland project will deliver both environmental and economic benefits to the citizens and communities of Baca County. The project site consists of flat, vacant land with limited agriculture.

Environmental and economic benefits

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Utilizes land near existing electric grid infrastructure to minimize need for new overhead transmission lines

Safety First

Will be designed in accordance with the latest applicable codes, safety standards, security, lighting, landscaping and noise requirements

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Expected economic benefits include new tax revenue and 300 local jobs during construction and operations



  • 520,250 MWh of carbon-free electricity each year

  • 406,400 tons of CO2 emissions expected to be offset each year, equivalent to the emissions generated by burning more than 41 million gallons of gasoline in one year

  • Enough clean energy to power the equivalent of 71,739 homes annually

  • Project will increase patronage to local businesses and services through expanded workforce

  • AES cultivates local partnerships with organizations for economic and social impact

  • Low-cost supply of clean energy at a long-term fixed cost over the project lifetime

  • No permanent service requirements for the site, including the use of water and sewer

AES is deeply committed to working with the community, area leaders, policymakers and regulators to responsibly develop and operate all of our clean energy projects. Our strategic approach is to engage early and often with local stakeholders to share information about the project and most importantly, gather feedback to address issues that may arise. This proactive approach to stakeholder engagement is intended to ensure the local community’s questions and concerns are addressed and enable timely approvals.

Environmental and technical studies

AES’ National Grassland solar project was studied extensively and carefully planned to have no negative impact on regulated habitats, threatened and endangered species or cultural/historical resources. AES is conducting ongoing consultations with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to ensure the sanctity of the land.

  • Biological Studies – Complete

    • Wetlands and waterbodies

    • Habitat

    • Sensitive species’ habitat

  • CPW – Wildlife coordination – In Progress

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment – Complete

  • ALTA Survey – Completed

  • SHPO – Cultural Resources memo – Complete

  • Geotechnical site investigation – Complete

  • Boundary and topographic survey – Complete

  • FAA Determination of No Hazard – Complete

Community engagement

AES is committed to being a good neighbor to the Baca County community. We value our relationships with local partners and community members, and we work diligently to maximize the positive impact our clean energy projects have on local communities. Our projects are intentionally developed to create lasting positive benefits for landowners and to create significant economic opportunities in the community over the life of the project, without burdening existing infrastructure.

This is why we collaborate with a broad cross section of community leaders from government, local businesses, education, social services and residents to identify opportunities where AES can provide financial support, volunteerism and other types of partnership to support high-impact initiatives, programs and institutions in the local communities.

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