Together, we are committed to a safe and responsible clean energy transition in Colorado.


AES is committed to advancing the clean energy  transition, while also investing in our local and neighboring communities. In 2004, Colorado became the first state with a voter-approved renewable portfolio standard (RPS). As the state continues to lead in renewable energy, AES is developing and delivering innovative solutions to help Colorado achieve its goal of 100% renewable electricity generation by 2040.

With a focus on solar power and battery storage, we have 1,600 MW of planned energy development in Colorado. AES also has a large operating portfolio of distributed generation and behind the meter solar projects across the state. Our projects create jobs, build community partnerships, generate substantial revenue for local governments and protect the environment. We are dedicated to building meaningful partnerships with local nonprofits, educational institutions and local businesses to ensure our projects provide long-lasting benefits to the community. 

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Building partnerships to strengthen communities

We believe in being a good neighbor, ensuring responsible clean energy development that benefits both the environment and local communities. At AES, we understand that our success as a company is only as strong as our partnerships with the communities where we operate. That’s why we partner with communities, customers, state agencies, higher education and elected officials to see how we can best work together to support sustainable social and economic development that complement the local geography and unique culture.

All together with GRID Alternatives

AES is committed to creating positive social and economic impacts in the communities where we operate. On October 28, 2022, and June 16, 2023, a group of eight AES employees assisted GRID workforce trainees in an AES sponsored rooftop solar installation on Denver homes. The new solar systems allowed the homeowners to cut an estimated 90% of electricity costs as well as feed electricity back to the grid. Over the next 20 years, the homeowners are expected to save over $10,000 each in utility bills.

Volunteering in our communities aligns with our values of Highest Standards and All Together, fosters closer community relationships, and expands our local networks. GRID Alternatives Colorado installs rooftop, community, and multifamily solar systems for income-qualified households and affordable housing providers throughout the state, providing families with needed savings. They also train Colorado workers for jobs in the growing solar industry, making them a highly valued partner of AES.

Preserving the land and creating new opportunities with landowners

We understand the importance of protecting farmland and preserving the local environment when developing renewable energy projects. AES seeks opportunities to deliver added value through our best practices in project development to protect the land for future generations.

We offer landowners opportunities to tap into new sources of revenue on their land while retaining ownership throughout the entire life of the project. For many, this is a welcome complement to land use and an opportunity to diversify their land investment while hedging against volatile commodity prices. For others, our projects offer an income stream and land-use option where none otherwise existed.

Our team and landowners work together, in partnership, from the early stages of site discussions, through permitting, construction, and operation. The landowner relationship with AES is built on trust and open communication, ensuring our projects create a long-lasting, positive impact for our landowners and local communities.

Our projects

Project name Planned capacity Planned storage capacity Location Future tax revenue generation Construction jobs created Expected operational date Project webpage
High Mesa Solar + Storage 10 MWac 20 MWh Garfield County $2.3 Million 25 2023  
Boone Hill Solar + Storage 240 MWac 120 MW Pueblo County   300 2026 Click here
Pawnee Solar + Storage 500 MWac 325 MW Morgan County   340 2027 Click here
Rocky Mountain Solar + Storage 602 MWac 250 MW Pueblo County   300 2027 Click here
National Grassland Solar + Storage 199 MWac 100 MW Baca County   300 2025 Click here
Cramer Creek Solar + Storage 395 MWac 395 MW Crowley County $35 million 250 2027 Click here

*Estimated tax revenue generated over the contracted life of the project

Project information is approximate and subject to change

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  • Aspen Valley Land Trust
  • GRID Alternatives
  • Pueblo Chamber of Commerce

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