About the Luna-LAB energy storage facilities


Luna Storage and LAB are standalone, lithium-ion battery storage projects located in the City of Lancaster, in Los Angeles County, California. Their ability to store clean energy for use during periods of high demand, and when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing, is critical to California’s clean energy transition. The Luna and LAB battery storage facilities were built exactly for this purpose and provided essential and flexible power resources to the California grid during the early September 2022 heatwave. The flexibility these assets provide is critical to accelerating California’s transition to meet the state’s commitment to achieving 100% carbon-free energy by 2045.

Luna lab

Stored clean energy from local resources

Project timeline

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Supporting Our Communities

As with all AES’ clean energy projects, we are committed to being a good neighbor, partnering with landowners and investing in local communities. The AES team works with a broad cross section of government, community, business, labor unions, and other stakeholders in the California communities we serve to support high-impact initiatives and programs.

For example, AES contributes to workforce development through an ongoing partnership with Antelope Valley College, a public community college in Lancaster, California. AES provides annual scholarship funding for students in STEM and vocational training.

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