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    Energy4Talent home header Together with AES you can accelerate the future of energy
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    Developing our talent   Energy4Talent

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    Energy4Talent group 1

    Let’s accelerate the future of energy, together.

    AES’ Energy4Talent program is designed to prepare you personally and professionally to be a leader in our fast-paced, sustainably innovative, corporate environment. The two-year rotational program, intended for recent college graduates, allows you to gain practical experience, unique insights and professional connections while working on cross-functional teams throughout our company. We welcome students of all backgrounds and levels of work experience.

    United States

    South America

    México, Central America and Caribbean

    The program

    Energy4Talent group 2

    Energy4Talent program


    Get a comprehensive overview of Energy4Talent: program framework, highlights and why you should be a trainee at AES.


    Energy4Talent group 3

    Program benefits


    Understand the opportunities available to help you grow personally and professionally within the program.


    Energy4Talent future

    What happens after Energy4Talent


    Read about program end goals and where our trainees end up making an impact.


    Electrical engineer with tablet inspecting electrical tower.jpg

    About AES


    Discover what makes AES unique: our goals, purpose, values and mission.


    A day in the life of an AES trainee

    The process

    Young woman taking notes during remote meeting

    Application process


    Understand the timelines and steps involved in the Energy4Talent application process.


    Energy4Talent group 4

    Trainee traits & skills


    Learn about the characteristics we look for in future trainees and how you can demonstrate these in your application.



    Preparation materials


    Study resources provided by past trainees and out recruitment team to better prepare yourself for success.



    Apply now


    Together with AES, you can accelerate the future of energy.


    Maria Perez Villa

    “I applied to E4T because I knew that I wanted to be in the energy industry but I didn't know in what area, so a rotational program provided the perfect way to gain exposure and multiple experiences.”

    Maria Perez VillaUnited States

    David Hernandez

    “More than just learning about the company, you learn about different cultures. You are surrounded by people from America Latina, Asia, Europe and North America, having day to day interactions with them and learning about experiences from others.”

    David HernándezColombia

    Belén Gallo

    “It is a program that takes you out of your comfort zone, allowing you to work on high-impact projects and assume responsibilities with the support of great leaders willing to teach you what is necessary and give you their support to get good results. ”

    Belén GalloArgentina

    The next generation of leaders, of energy, of AES.

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