Recycle with clean points

Project name:

Recycle with a Clean Point

Project location: 

Dominican Republic 

Sub-focus area: 


In 2012, AES Dominicana developed the “Recycle with Clean Points” environmental program by their local power plants. The program seeks to increase awareness about the importance of recycling plastic and paper by promoting a culture centered on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) and help people become agents of environmental change.


32 education centers with a total population of 33,105 plus 135,000 indirect family beneficiaries


AES Dominicana Foundation in collaboration with the department of social management and environmental management, Haina Pro Development Board (PADESHA), the Haina City Council, the Haina Educational District, Importadora M & F and the Center for Agroforestry Development (CEDAF)

The project not only deals with recycling but also covers the final destination of waste. Initially it started in the communities of Bajos de Haina and Boca Chica with the Haina Recicla educational contest, where 32 educational centers participated and received training on the 3Rs. Given the program’s success, it was replicated in the community of Los Mina as part of the social projects of the construction of the combined cycle with excellent results. The resources generated by recycling are used by the communities in community actions. Facilitators of the program include volunteer employees of AES Dominicano, who took the training on the 3R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) to the educational centers, leaving the environmental delegates of the program conformed.