Public Safety

We always put safety first—for our people, contractors and communities. At AES, we believe our success is directly linked to the safety and well-being of the people in the communities in which we operate, and we strive to keep our host communities and service areas safe.

When members of the public come interact with electric power operations, severe injuries can occur. Fatalities can result from the public coming into contact with our medium and low voltage lines during activities near our networks such as construction and vegetation pruning, contact with downed electrical lines, horseplay and kite flying, or illegal network connections.

All incidents are recorded and investigated by our local business. Based on the results of these investigations, mitigation measures such as increased public outreach are implemented as needed.

Our businesses develop diverse programs and activities to ensure the safety of our customers and our communities, such as emergency preparedness drills, electrical safety tips on websites, and safety information outreach and campaigns. They also established public awareness campaigns to mitigate the risks related to activities near the power grid and promote the safe use of electricity.

Refer to our sustainability report for statistics related to public fatalities.