Stakeholder Engagement Management Approach

As a leading sustainable power company with operations in multiple markets, stakeholder engagement is integrated into our global strategy and we strive to develop strong, proactive and consistent relationships with all our stakeholders. AES has many stakeholders, people or groups that might include our people, customers, investors, communities, creditors, governments, partners, regulatory agencies and trade associations among others.

In conducting our work and improving lives in the communities we serve, we aim to cement long term relationships with our numerous partners and work closely with all of our stakeholders, both internal and external. We strive to strengthen relationships through meaningful engagement with our stakeholders and comprehensive plans.

Our Global Stakeholder Engagement guidelines, available internally to all our businesses, highlight the key elements of our engagement strategy and outline steps to ensure our relationships are successful and long-lasting. These internal guidelines cover topics from identifying and prioritizing stakeholders to deciding on the appropriate engagement methodology to performing risk assessments.

We work to structure interactive stakeholder engagement activities so we can receive effective feedback. For example, our people are kept informed about the company’s progress towards its objectives as well as news from our other businesses around the world through our website, intranet and weekly newsletters. We regularly engage our people through quarterly updates from our CEO and Executive Leadership Team as well as surveys. Our aim is to encourage and maintain open, transparent dialogue.

Another example of continuous communication is our engagement with customer. Our businesses participate in public events, and our distribution companies conduct satisfaction surveys, and maintain, among others, 24/7 customer call centers to better address their needs and to keep them informed of changes to product/service offerings. Our dedicated customer tools are one way we show our commitment to understanding our customers’ perspectives and addressing their concerns.

Our mission is improving lives by providing safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions in every market we serve. Our local operations engage with residents to both educate and improve their quality of life through customized programs tailored to the community’s local needs.

This strategy of continuous engagement also applies to the way we build corporate relationships at the company’s headquarters. Our interactions typically include quarterly earnings calls and periodic roadshows for investors as well as meetings with ambassadors, country representatives, heads of state, government officials, regulators, international institutions and trade associations. Additionally, AES Market Business Leaders are directly responsible for overseeing stakeholder engagement at the local level with the support of their functional area leads.

By engaging with each of the stakeholder groups, AES can align business practices to drive long-term sustainability and shareholder value.

Our Stakeholder Engagement material issues include public safety and our impacts on education and living standards in our communities.

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