Our global workforce

How we accelerate the future of energy is not defined by race, gender, age or orientation.

Diversity isn’t a responsibility to be a met, a policy to implement or a program to run. At AES, we believe diversity empowers us to deliver the most value to our communities and to work as the strongest company we can be.

The people who track our finances, run our plants and restore power after storms reflect the customers and communities whose lives we are improving. Our people come from diverse backgrounds, cultures and disciplines to provide critical energy services and invest in our communities through local safety, infrastructure, education and environmental programs.

We are made up of a diverse workforce because we know we need to have the right people in the right place at the right time to meet our commitments to accelerating a greener energy future. That’s why we have a comprehensive approach to talent development and preparing the next generation of industry leaders. Our people are the reason we are leading the world’s renewable energy transformation today.

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Talent management

AES’ team of innovators transformed us into the world’s most impactful energy company, and there’s still more exciting work to be done. That’s why we’re committed to helping our people develop to their fullest potential. Our comprehensive approach to attracting, developing and energizing our talented workforce around the world does just that while enabling us to accelerate the future of energy.

Our global talent management strategy considers the full development cycle of an AES person and their career goals. We focus on developing our people in three key areas that are adaptable to specific business needs: formal learning programs, assessments and career planning, and experience and exposure. Our people receive ongoing training in areas such as leadership, compliance and safety that are essential to our business. We take the time to understand the current state of our talent through reviews, development assessments and performance measurements, and we use a comprehensive global performance management system that includes all middle and top management positions in addition to local systems in each country where we work.

We are always looking for passionate people to join us in our mission to accelerate the future of energy.

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