Disaster / Emergency Planning and Response

AES' mission is to improve lives and we take that mission seriously. As a provider of essential services, we have established programs to ensure our operations are prepared to cope with unusual disruptions.

The goal of this proactive approach is to keep our business and operations running effectively, safely and securely while providing essential support to the people and communities we serve. Each of our businesses has developed a comprehensive playbook with the following plans: Business Continuity, Cybersecurity, Physical Asset and Personnel Security, Crisis Communication, Stakeholder Engagement and Succession.

Our approach includes continual monitoring of weather systems; staging of resources prior to anticipated emergencies; mobilization to restore outages; clear and frequent communications with customers, the media and government officials; continuous improvement of our emergency response capabilities based on past performance; and collaboration with neighboring utilities, contractors and government officials. Over the past few years our business resilience and crisis preparedness plans have been tested under real world conditions such as severe natural disasters as well as political and social instability.

Repowering Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria reached landfall on Puerto Rico in September 2017 and left the island devastated. As the owner and operator of the least cost, most reliable power resource on the island for the past 15 years, we are committed to helping our people and the island recover from this natural disaster with our resources, experience, and technical capabilities.

Initially, we provided critical assistance to restore power.

Now we hope to rebuild Puerto Rico's grid stronger than before.