Strengthening innovative entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico

Project name:

Strengthening Innovative Entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico 

Project location: 

Puerto Rico 

Sub-focus area: 

Capacity Building 

AES Puerto Rico and The Trust for the Americas implemented a program to train and strengthen the business skills of entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs to develop or expand their small businesses. This project is being implemented in alliance with the Trust for the Americas, an organization affiliated with the Organization of American States (OAS). As part of the program participants receive forty hours of face-to-face training in entrepreneurial skills and virtual monitoring in their business model. A committee composed of five members evaluate aspects such as social impact, number of beneficiaries, commitment, employment opportunities and innovation, among others to select the winning projects and receive funding. Some of the projects under development are hydroponics, sewing, gastronomy, sports training, product marketing, event logistics, among others.


50 participants over two years 


The Trust for the Americas, Accion Social 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this active network of entrepreneurs and mentors have repurposed the existing communication channels to exchange information, ideas and participate in virtual webinars to manage their small businesses in times of crisis, and to learn tools for shifting to e-commerce and operating via social media.