Rural electrification – test

Through different rural electrification initiatives and programs we have contributed to reduce the number of households without electricity and improve the quality of life of thousands of families from rural zones. 

El Salvador

Since 2001, AES El Salvador, through its AES Rural Energy program, has contributed to reduce the number of households without electricity.  Between 2009 and 2012, AES El Salvador, in partnership with Fomilenio enabled the construction of 1,110 electrification projects. In 2016, AES El Salvador developed its first Solar Rural Energy pilot project to provide access to electricity to households in remote zones located far from the grid. In 2019, AES El Salvador started the installation of integral load centers to benefit families in vulnerable situations with the free installation of the electrical service and a basic system. This program was complimented with awareness campaigns on the safe use and efficient consumption use of electricity in rural communities. To date, more than 60,000 persons from 1,047 rural communities throughout the country have benefited from these campaigns.


Since 2016, AES Panama in partnership with the National Office of Rural Electrification has provided electricity to 2,500 people around AES Changuinola’s hydroelectric power plant through the construction of 50 Km of electrical lines and home installations.


Last year, AES México launched EnerLab, an innovation program in partnership with Victoria Polytechnic University and CBTis 27. This program merges theoretical-practical training for college students to  design, built and implement a sustainable solution to pressing challenges in the communities using renewable energy. In the first edition, over 30 students participated in the training to provide reliable power to a rural school in Tamaulipas though a small-scale windmill with energy storage. It was the first small-scale windmill and energy storage system to be set up on a school in Mexico.

Creating lasting impact


Families who live in the most remote parts of El Salvador, far from the grid, now have access to solar energy.

Our implementing partners

  • Fomilenio
  • FINET (National Electricity and Telecommunications Investment Fund) – El Salvador
  • Municipal offices
  • National Office of Rural Electrification – Panama
  • AES people