Reforestation in Brazil

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Mãos na Mata Program

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The preservation of reservoir edges is much more than a legal obligation for AES Brasil. Through “Mãos na Mata”, in partnership with SOS Mata Atlântica, we promote reforestation activities and actions through the establishment of partnerships with other organizations. In this program, we assign the planting area, the seedlings and the management expertise of our environmental technicians and count on the investments of our partners to multiply the scale and the positive impacts in the recovery areas.


To date AES has reforested 4,200 hectares

Our average annual reforestation is 243 hectares


SOS Mata Atlântica

Our nursery at the Promissão hydroelectric power plant produces about 1 million seedlings annually and are used in “Mãos na Mata”, AES Brasil compensatory plantations and for seedling donation to locals. In 2019, the reforestation program supported the environmental literacy program of the state government of São Paulo, providing 56,000 seedlings and technical support. In this project, students from the public network visit the surroundings of the reservoirs and participate in environmental education actions, with each student even planting their own seedling.