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    People in Hardhats #MujeresConEnergía

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    Diversity & Inclusion

    As part of its gender equality program and as a way to support the inclusion of female labor in the construction of Castilla Solar Park, AES Colombia worked with its contractors in the search for women in the area where the project was being developed, with the objective of prioritizing their hiring and thus give an opportunity for professional women, heads of households and in search of a first job.

    The project had the participation of 111 women, representing a 29% of the total number of people hired for the construction of the Castilla Solar Park.

    AES Colombia will continue strengthening its Gender Equality Program by promoting the inclusion of women in the power sector with the campaign #MujeresConEnergía (#WomenWithEnergy) and will start building a new roadmap for women inclusion in future projects, such as the Jemeiwaa Kai project, the biggest wind project in the country (648 MW).

    This project and AES Colombia´s gender initiative reflects our corporate values and the way we want to transform the power sector in Colombia. It is the way we see the future of energy and we want to be not only part but a clear leader regarding gender equity promotion in the country.


    111 women employed (29% of the total hired) in the construction of Castilla Solar



    Castilla La Nueva Public Employment Agency


    Women at Table
    Woman in Hardhat
    Women in Hardhats
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