Scalable ecosystems

Gain scale benefits through shared platforms and applications

By creating scalable clean energy solutions that serve AES and our peers in the industry, we can accelerate the future of energy, together. Scalable Ecosystems is how we leverage shared platforms and technologies, work with partners and develop new product lines to give you access to more sustainable energy and make the greatest impact to your business. 

Better together, join these ecosystems to drive your business goals.

Transform the way we power our world.

Power the customer energy experience and motivate utility customers into action. 

Reinvent solar energy from the ground up.

5B and AES unfold the power of solar energy

Together with 5B, we’re deploying up to 2X more solar energy 3X faster using 50% less land, making clean energy available in places previously thought impossible. We’re removing the barriers to widespread solar energy adoption, ushering in a new wave of customers to meet their short-term and long-term clean energy goals.

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