We provide affordable, sustainable energy to 15 countries through our diverse portfolio of distribution businesses as well as thermal and renewable generation facilities. Our workforce of 9,000 people is committed to operational excellence and meeting the world’s changing power needs. We are dedicated to improving lives by providing safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions in every market we serve.

With more than 30 years of experience, our diverse mix of generation sources and utilities provides us the strength and flexibility to adapt to local and regional market needs, maximize plant efficiency and deliver the electricity needed now and into the future which is essential to human progress, economic growth, public health and security.


We own and/or operate power plants, which we use to generate power for our customers, such as utilities, industrial users and other intermediaries. We strive to provide diverse fuel technologies that are well-suited to the individual markets in which we operate. These fuel technologies include renewables, coal, diesel, gas and oil.

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We own and/or operate utilities to provide electricity to end-user customers in the residential, commercial, industrial and governmental sectors within a local or regional service area. Some of our utilities also generate and sell electricity on the wholesale market. We have expanded electricity access to first-time customers in Brazil and El Salvador, and modernized distribution networks to transmit power and heat efficiently and safely in the United States.

Energy Storage

Siemens and AES joined forces to create Fluence, a new global energy storage technology and services company. The joint venture brings together AES' ten years of industry-defining experience deploying energy storage in seven countries with over a century of Siemens' energy technology leadership and its global sales presence in more than 160 countries. Combining the proven AES Advancion and Siemens Siestorage energy storage platforms with expanded services, Fluence offers customers a wider variety of options to meet the challenges of a rapidly transforming energy landscape. The company will empower customers around the world to better navigate the fragmented but rapidly growing energy storage sector and meet their pressing needs for scalable, flexible, and cost-competitive energy storage solutions.

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Distributed Energy

We are dedicated to improving the lives of our customers by providing reliable and affordable solar power to schools, municipalities, utilities, residences and private-sector commercial entities.

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