Take action to support the Cavalier Solar Project to support local job creation, economic growth in Surry and Isle of Wight Counties while generating affordable, reliable clean energy 

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The Cavalier Solar Project will support the residents of Surry and Isle of Wight counties by creating new jobs and generating nearly $24 million in new funding for county services, such as local schools, law enforcement, emergency response and infrastructure, all while delivering affordable, reliable, clean energy over the next 35 years.

Surry and Isle of Wight county residents are supporting the Cavalier Solar Project for these reasons, and many more. Right now, the Board of Supervisors in Surry and Isle of Wight are evaluating the project and will hold a vote soon to determine the approval of the Cavalier Solar Project.

As a long-term owner-operator headquartered in Virginia, the team at AES knows what it means to develop affordable, reliable develop energy solutions in the places where we both work and live.

The Supervisors need to hear from local residents like you before they vote. If you support any of the following – job creation, increased local funding, low property taxes, cost-effective renewable energy and American independence from foreign energy sources, please consider clicking the “send email” button below to send an  email of support  to Isle of Wight and Surry County Supervisors.

How the Cavalier Solar Project benefits you

The Cavalier Solar Project is a low impact, solar farm that will bring millions of dollars in new revenue and new job opportunities while generating 100% clean energy right here in Surry and Isle of Wight Counties.

Benefits the Cavalier Solar Project will deliver to you

  • $16 million in new tax revenue in Surry County
  • $5-6 million in new tax revenue in Isle of Wight County
  • Approximately 800 new construction jobs in Surry and Isle of Wight counties combined
  • 100% construction on private land in partnership with local landowners
  • Opportunity to conserve at least 1500 acres of wetlands, forest and open space.
  • 35 years of affordable, reliable clean electricity beginning in Summer 2022
  • 40+ years at AES successfully working together with communities to deliver energy solutions and meet local needs.
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Your questions, answered.

The benefits from the Cavalier Solar Project are designed to support the people of Surry and Isle of Wight Counties. This means the project adds revenue and benefits to the local communities and does not use funds or services that are intended for use by County residents.

  • Will create new local revenue which can fund essential county services such as law enforcement, fire departments, infrastructure and local schools through tax revenue
  • Will be constructed in partnership with VDOT and the to address road safety and maintenance
  • Will be visually screened by trees and plants to maintain the Counties’ appearance
  • Will be situated on land that can again be used as farmland once the project is decommissioned
  • Will be located exclusively on private property which landowners choose to use their land to harvest sunlight.
  • Will not receive any local tax subsidies. The Cavalier Solar Project is an independently funded project.
  • Will not increase demand on local resources such as school enrollment or demand on local infrastructure allowing new revenue to fund existing local needs.
  • Will not generate significant sound from the solar panels.
  • Will not harm or destroy wildlife or native habitats
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The Cavalier Solar Project is located approximately 5 miles southeast of Elberon between White Marsh Road and Beechland Road on privately-owned land.

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Who we are

AES is one of the world’s most respected and reliable developers and long-term owner-operators of renewable energy. We’re a long-term owner operator of the Cavalier Solar Project for the entire duration of the project’s 35-year lifespan, which means we’re just as committed to its success and continued benefits to the Surry and Wight County communities as you are. 

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We care about what you care about

The Cavalier Solar Project will directly benefit you, your neighbors and your community in many ways without taking away public lands or asking taxpayers to foot the bill.

Make a difference in your community by asking your Board of Supervisors to approve the Cavalier Solar Project now!