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Ohio, US

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Natural Disasters

At AES, we work together to improve lives. In 2019, the Dayton, OH area needed AES’ help following the devastation caused by 19 tornadoes that touched down in the late hours of May 27 into early the next morning. AES supported our people and the community in the immediate recovery and rebuilding efforts. We also offered the opportunity for our AES people across the globe to contribute to the long-term rebuilding efforts.  AES people expressed their eagerness to participate in the recovery process and contributed donations that were matched through The Dayton Foundation.


Due to their tireless work, crews restored service to 100 percent of customers within 10 days after the storm, dedicating 80,000 man-hours to the recovery efforts to restore the 101,748 customer outages.


DP&L Foundation and AES Employees

The funds raised and donated by AES people were used to purchase supplies and provide other forms of support to both AES people and the broader Dayton community who were affected by the tragic events. Additional contributions were used to make grants targeted to local, non-profit organizations supporting the long-term recovery and economic re-development in our neighboring communities.

The Dayton Power and Light Company (DP&L), a subsidiary of The AES Corporation, was awarded the Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI’s) “Emergency Recovery Award” for its outstanding power restoration efforts.