David Stone, AES Việt Nam

David Stone has traveled the world for AES. He is President of AES Việt Nam and Managing Director and CEO of AES-VCM Mong Duong Power Company. David is responsible for all aspects of AES’ business activities in Vietnam, including the operation of the 1,242 MW Mông Dương 2 Power Plant and the development and construction of the new AES liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal.

In 2010, David moved to Vietnam from the AES headquarters in Arlington, Virginia to support the financial closing and construction execution of the 2 billion USD Mông Dương 2 power plant. Under his leadership, the plant received numerous recognitions from the Government of Vietnam, including the Recognition for Significant Contribution to Society citation from the Prime Minister of Vietnam in 2015.

Prior to his current position, David was Managing Director of Construction for AES and responsible for approximately one-half of AES’ worldwide construction projects. David joined AES in 2000 and has held other leadership positions for the company, including in Puerto Rico.