Rebecca Halford, AES

Rebecca Halford is a member of AES’ team in Colorado. As a member of the Business Development team, Rebecca seeks out new opportunities to bring AES energy services to a variety of regions across the United States – from New York to Hawaii.

The COVID-19 crisis has posed real challenges to our business development people, hampering their ability to meet face-to-face with clients. But, Rebecca doesn’t see that as a hinderance. She sees it as a new opportunity to be creative and smart in how she works.

“I’m lucky to have a comfortable space at home to continue the work that I do with AES,” Rebecca said. The transition from in-person collaboration to video conferences was awkward at first, but it turned to second nature by week three of our work-from-home status. My biggest challenge is to watch where I put my feet because Molly, my corgi, seems to be within inches from me at all times during the workday.”

David Stone, AES Việt Nam

David Stone has traveled the world for AES. He is President of AES Việt Nam and Managing Director and CEO of AES-VCM Mong Duong Power Company. David is responsible for all aspects of AES’ business activities in Vietnam, including the operation of the 1,242 MW Mông Dương 2 Power Plant and the development and construction of the new AES liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal.

In 2010, David moved to Vietnam from the AES headquarters in Arlington, Virginia to support the financial closing and construction execution of the 2 billion USD Mông Dương 2 power plant. Under his leadership, the plant received numerous recognitions from the Government of Vietnam, including the Recognition for Significant Contribution to Society citation from the Prime Minister of Vietnam in 2015.

Prior to his current position, David was Managing Director of Construction for AES and responsible for approximately one-half of AES’ worldwide construction projects. David joined AES in 2000 and has held other leadership positions for the company, including in Puerto Rico.

Paola Hartung, AES South America

Paola Hartung serves as AES’ Director of Regulatory Affairs in South America. Firmly believing in the principle that gender equality is good business, Paola recently participated in the “Dialogue of Women Leaders” conference.  Paola’s session focused on new developments in the energy and mining sectors, and she spoke about the role of women in leadership. The objective of the event was to connect, reflect and advance more inclusive and equitable  industries.

Paola advocates for the inclusion of women in business as a path to expand and grow economies. The conference opened several opportunities to network and strengthen relationships between female leaders in South American businesses and their colleagues in Europe, especially in energy and mining sectors.

Gerrit Van Horsen, AES

At AES, we put safety first, at our power facilities, construction sites, and offices in 14 countries around the world. Gerrit Van Horsen is dedicated to safety, which has helped improve the safety culture at AES. Gerrit has dedicated 20 years to the AES plants in Southern California and has been vigilant and instrumental in ensuring his team’s safety.

Most recently, Gerrit’s integrity and commitment to AES’ core value of safety helped ensure the successful commissioning of the Huntington Beach Energy Project. He did this while also continuing to operate AES’ Redondo Beach power plant. Gerrit always goes above and beyond his duties while inspiring others to work together safely, diligently and effectively, which is paramount given that our people in our communities rely on us to power their lives. 

Matthew Goldenhar, AES

Matt is an IC&E technician at our Redondo Beach location, but he has many additional skills that support our business throughout Southern California. Matt is always available to troubleshoot problems so we can continue to provide safe, clean, reliable electricity to our customers.  

During AES’ pandemic response, Matt worked to take care of our essential personnel, ensuring that mobile homes placed on the Redondo Beach site received power. Matt built circuits for the rented mobile homes, which were rented for our essential personnel in the event of a shelter-in-place directive. He also helped organize basic needs for our Redondo Beach team by equipping each mobile with additional mattresses and water tanks. These are just a few examples of the contributions Matt has made that are truly making a difference during the crisis.

Eliecer Ortiz, AES Panamá

Since the arrival of the pandemic, AES people have searched for new ways of working safely and effectively, ensuring that AES’ business continues without missing a beat. All of us have had to adapt to “the new normal.” Eliecer Ortiz at AES Panamá has been a leader in reinforcing COVID-19 safety practices at the Changuinola facility.

“By complying with health regulations, we protect all AES people and contractors,” Eliecer said. “This allows us to maintain business continuity and ensure energy service to the entire country, which is especially critical due to the pandemic.”

Eliezer notes that COVID has transformed the way he and his colleagues in Panama work. But, through helpful COVID-related initiatives instituted by AES, he says he and all AES people have the tools to keep our people, contractors, customers, and his community safe.

“The pandemic has been an experience that no one could have been completely prepared for, but we are all learning to adapt and manage change,” he said. “Every day is a new beginning and an opportunity to continue to improve. We must be aligned, focused and always united even though we can’t be physically close.”

Sandra Larsen, AES

Sandra Larsen is the Market Business Leader for AES in Hawai’i. A lawyer by training, Sandra has provided counsel and led critical initiatives in external and government affairs and legal and regulatory advocacy. On behalf of AES in Hawai’I, Sandra works to connect our business with local communities, understanding their needs and appreciating how critical their voices are in planning for a clean energy future.

Sandra oversees several power facilities on the Hawaiian Islands, including solar, wind, and  energy storage systems, with new projects in development that will support Hawaii’s green energy goals.

“I’m incredibly passionate about giving our children a greener future and discovering how we can power our state by harnessing our abundant natural resources,” Sandra says. “It is my goal and the goal of AES to ensure the health of our islands and their resources for decades to come.”