Our history

A history of accelerating the future of energy, together

From its founding and to today, AES has led lasting positive change in the energy sector based on its stakeholders’ most critical needs.


  • 1981: Together with eight people, AES formed as an energy development consulting company with Roger Sant as the first CEO
  • 1988: Pioneering the model of Independent Power Producer (IPP), AES became the first and largest IPP in the US with three plants in California, Pennsylvania and Texas
  • 1989: Caring for our carbon before it was common, AES created the first documented carbon offset program in the US by planting 52 million trees in Guatemala to offset carbon emissions from a plant in Connecticut


  • 1991: Going public with investors, AES listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: AES)
  • 1992: Being driven by a common way of working, AES outlined the company’s values in its annual report
  • 1992: Expanding on our work in the United States, AES extended its business globally for the first time to broaden our impact


  • 2000: The S&P 500 welcomed AES
  • 2001: Focusing on improving lives, AES entered the retail customer arena with the acquisition of IPL in Indiana
  • 2005: Seeing a greener energy future for the world, AES made an investment in wind generation, acquiring SeaWest, one of the largest wind companies in the United States and starts its expansion into cleaner energy sources
  • 2006: Focusing on continuous improvement means continuous benefits for our stakeholders that matters most, AES launched AES Performance Excellence Program (APEX) to drive greater innovation, efficiency and process improvement in its day-to-day operations
  • 2007: Working together with Latin America, we won our first Edison Electric Institute Award for systematic performance improvements for our Latin America businesses
  • 2009: Beginning a new era of firm renewables with utility-scale energy storage, AES connected the first utility-scale system in the world in Indianapolis and installed the first commercially operating system at the Los Andes facility in Chile


  • 2011: Together with the Philippines, AES became the first company to win two Edison Electric Institute Awards within a five-year period for its world-class turn-around of the Masinloc facility in the Philippines
  • 2011: Expanding its focus on retail customers, AES reached an agreement to acquire DP&L in Ohio
  • 2011: Supporting a greener PJM grid, AES added energy storage to its Laurel Mountain facility to become the first to provide ancillary grid services
  • 2012: Working together with Chile, AES received an Edison Electric Institute Award for its hybrid plant model for the future combining energy storage with conventional generation
  • 2013: Working together with Cameroon, AES won its fourth International Edison Electric Institute Award for its work in Cameroon to improve the electricity sector and the overall economy and social well-being in Cameroon
  • 2015: Expanding its distributed energy capabilities, AES acquired Mainstreet Power to add distributed solar resources to its portfolio in the rapidly expanding distributed solar market
  • 2016: Working together with the Netherlands and Northern Ireland, AES again received the International Edison Electric Institute Award for its Advancion technology and the global expansion of its energy storage services
  • 2017: Seeing the future in solar, AES acquired sPower, the largest independent solar developer in the US with Alberta Investment Management Co (AIMCo)
  • 2017: Applying technologies with Measure, AES scaled its drone program to improve safety and increase efficiency
  • 2018: Setting our sights on a greener future, AES became the first publicly-traded US-based energy company to publish its portfolio’s resiliency to the climate change scenario put forth in the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) with a strategy to its carbon intensity by 70 percent by 2030
  • 2018: Joining forces to usher in an era of firm renewables, together with Siemens, AES launched Fluence, the world’s leading energy storage platform
  • 2018: Flying high with drones, AES pioneered new uses for the technology resulting in a second place showing for operations and safety organization at the AUVSI Xcellence Awards
  • 2018: Empowering utility customers, AES made a strategic investment in Simple Energy that enables actionable energy-savings tools information
  • 2019: Together with KIUC in Kauai, AES won the Edison Electric Institute Award for helping the island meet its renewable enable targets with the world’s largest solar PV Peaker plant and energy storage facility
  • 2019: Developing the most comprehensive suite of customer-facing solutions for electric and gas utilities, AES announced the merger of Simple Energy with Tendril to form the digital energy management company, Uplight
  • 2019: Committed to creating the future of energy, AES signed strategic alliance with Google to accelerate the growth and adoption of clean energy through leveraging Google Cloud technology to pioneering innovation in the sector
  • 2020: Together with Chile, AES launched its virtual reservoir in Chile, a first of its kind energy storage facility
  • 2020: Investing in speeding the availability of solar and making it more accessible, AES announced a partnership with 5B, an innovative solar technology company
  • 2020: Being recognized for our people being our energy, AES named to the Fast Company List of the Best Workplaces for Innovators