Environmental Performance

The core of our corporate sustainability efforts centers on understanding the environments in which we operate and committing to the development of environmentally responsible energy solutions. Environmental stewardship and leadership are a key part of our business. Our Environmental Management System (EMS), environmental measurement metrics, and certifications and standards demonstrate our tangible commitment to environmental sustainability.

We also work to develop the right energy solutions for the markets in which we operate. Our company and our businesses lead the industry by expanding energy storage solutions and other renewables to make them more viable and relevant for the future. Additionally, in markets where fossil fuel generation is the right choice for development, we are working to ensure those resources are used in the most efficient, effective and responsible manner.

All our subsidiary locations are required to design, implement and manage our EMS and Environmental Policy. Our subsidiary locations are responsible for applying the EMS and Environmental Policy during their respective daily operations when selecting or evaluating suppliers; developing new services or projects; planning logistics; managing effluents and waste; performing engineering or maintenance operations; and performing due diligence for merges and acquisitions.

The foundation of our environmental management approach is embodied in the following four principles included in our Environmental Policy:

  1. Meet or exceed the requirements of environmental rules and regulations imposed by local, regional, and national governments and by participating financial institutions.
  2. Meet or exceed our Environmental Standards.
  3. Make decisions on additional expenditures based on a number of factors, including an evaluation of the local, regional and global environment where the term "environment" is broadly defined as the external surroundings or conditions within which people live — including ecological, economic, social and all other factors that determine quality of life and standard of living.
  4. Seek continual improvement of the environmental performance at every AES business.

Refer to Awards and Recognition for more information about external recognition from stakeholders for ongoing performance improvements.

Our Environmental Performance material issues include air emissions, water, effluents and waste and biodiversity.