Improving Lives in Europe and Asia

We are committed to operational excellence and meeting the power needs of the people of Bulgaria, India, Jordan, Netherlands, Philippines, the United Kingdom and Vietnam by using our unique electricity platforms and the knowledge of our people to provide the energy solutions our customers truly need.

Bulgaria: Our Maritza plant, a lignite fuel plant, is fully compliant with the EU Industrial Emissions Directive, which was implemented in 2016. AES also owns the 156 MW St. Nikola wind farm.

India: Our generation business in India consists of OPGC, located in the State of Odisha and the OPGC 2 platform expansion project, which is currently under construction. We acquired 49 percent of OPGC in 1998, with the remaining 51 percent owned by the state. We are the only global power company with a continuous presence in India since 1992.

Jordan: Our gas-fired and oil-fired generation facilities improve the lives of our customers in Jordan.

Netherlands: Our gas-fired generation facility supplies steam and electricity to customers in the region. We also have an energy storage project to provide fast, accurate power to improve grid efficiency and reliability assisting with grid integration and operations.

Philippines: As a result of capital investment and operational improvements, AES Philippines increased our Masinloc generation facility’s capacity, improving availability from 50 percent to 74 percent and increasing net production by 62 percent within two years.

United Kingdom: Our Kilroot and Ballylumford plants improve the lives of our customers in the Belfast region by providing approximately 60 percent of Northern Ireland’s installed capacity. We also constructed the area’s first advanced energy storage project in Northern Ireland.

Vietnam: Mong Duong 2 is the largest private sector power project in Vietnam and the country's first new private sector power plant commissioned in the last ten years. The construction of Mong Duong 2 amassed 18 million man-hours without a lost time incident, with almost 44 million man-hours worked, signifying our world-class safety and engineering and construction standards.