Improving Lives in the Andes Region

We are committed to operational excellence and meeting the power needs of the people of Argentina, Chile and Colombia, by leveraging our energy solutions to improve the lives of our customers.

Argentina: AES Argentina’s diversified generation portfolio improves the lives of our customers in the region through its thermoelectric and hydroelectric facilities that make up 12 percent of the country’s total installed capacity.

Chile: The second largest generation company in the country in terms of installed capacity, AES Gener owns a diversified generation portfolio in Chile in terms of geography, technology, customers and fuel source. AES Gener's installed capacity is located near the principal electricity consumption centers, including Santiago, Valparaiso and Antofagasta. AES Gener's portfolio is composed of hydroelectric, coal, gas, diesel, solar photovoltaic and biomass facilities that allow the businesses to operate under a variety of market and hydrological conditions. AES Gener has experienced significant growth in recent years by responding to market opportunities. The company successfully completed a first expansion phase between 2007 and 2014 that added 6 new power plants totaling 1,677 MW. It continued to grow in Chile through its second expansion phase that will add 1,236 MW. As of the end of 2016, AES Gener has completed the construction of Guacolda Unit 5 (152 MW), Cochrane (532 MW) and Andes Solar (21 MW).

Colombia: AES Gener and its subsidiary, AES Chivor, serve the people of Colombia by supplying 6 percent of the country’s total energy generation. AES Chivor includes a hydroelectric facility with an installed capacity of 1,000 MW and a 20 MW run-of-river hydroelectric plant; both located approximately 160 km east of Bogota.