Improving Lives in the Andes Region

We are committed to operational excellence and meeting the power needs of the people of Argentina, Chile and Colombia, by leveraging our energy solutions to improve the lives of our customers.

Argentina: AES Argentina’s diversified generation portfolio improves the lives of our customers in the region through its thermoelectric and hydroelectric facilities that make up 11 percent of the country’s total installed capacity.

Chile: The second largest generation company in the country in terms of installed capacity, AES Gener’s diversified generation portfolio spans a range of geography, technology, customers and fuel sources. AES Gener supplies electricity in two principle markets: the SIC and SING. AES Gener was awarded the International Edison Award by the Edison Electric Institute for its early completion of construction and commencement of commercial operations at our Angamos power plant, a 545 MW coal-fired power plant in northern Chile. The business’ reputation for performance excellence was recognized when its Angamos plant was named as Power magazine’s 2012 Power Plant of the Year.

Colombia: AES Gener and its subsidiary, AES Chivor, serve the people of Colombia by supplying 6 percent of the country’s total energy generation. AES Chivor includes a hydroelectric facility located approximately 160 km east of Bogota.