Reliable Energy

AES provides affordable and reliable energy to customers around the world through its distribution businesses and thermal and renewable power generation facilities. AES power plants generate electricity from diverse fuel sources, including coal, diesel, hydropower, gas, oil, wind and biomass. This electricity is sold to utilities, wholesalers and commercial buyers under long-term contracts, and in competitive markets.

With more than 30 years of experience, our diverse mix of generation sources provides us the strength and flexibility to adapt to local and regional market needs, maximize plant efficiency and deliver reliable, affordable electricity.

Efficiency in Generation

At AES, we provide diverse fuel technologies that are well-suited to the individual markets in which we operate. Our businesses share expertise in building and operating plants that use coal, diesel, hydropower, gas, oil, wind, solar and biomass to generate electricity.

Our generation businesses help energy markets meet their existing and growing electricity supply needs. We have assisted with the construction of new state-of-the-art power plants, and we have applied advanced fuel combustion technologies at existing power plants to maximize capacity and optimize availability.

AES Generation Award Highlights

  • AES has been named the winner of the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Edison Award, the electric utility industry's most prestigious honor, for AES' contributions to the advancement of the power markets of Latin America (2007), the Masinloc turnaround (2011) and the Gener Angamos power plant (2012). AES is the only company to win the award in 3 out of 6 years.
  • AES Gener’s Angamos Plant named 2012 Plant of the Year by Power Magazine. AES Gener recently completed construction of twin coal-fired, 260MW units in the electricity-starved desert of northern Chile that may serve as models for future hybrid-fossil plant designs.
  • AES Wins Project of the Year — Wind for its Laurel Mountain Wind Plant that incorporates storage.

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AES Energy Storage

AES Energy Storage, a subsidiary of The AES Corporation, is the owner-operator of advanced storage projects that provide emissions-free capacity to improve the performance and reliability of today's power grid. Emissions-free capacity is a fast and flexible power system resource, combining patented software, dynamic power control and storage technology. AES Energy Storage deploys and operates stored electricity capacity projects to help utilities, power markets and renewable developers level the variability of generation and demand on the grid, reduce operating costs and meet future power system needs. Established in 2007, AES Energy Storage currently has 76 MW of battery-based energy storage in operation and 500 MW in development.

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Generation Performance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

AES also has implemented a uniform system of KPIs to monitor our generation businesses which includes Equivalent Availability Factor (EAF), Net Capacity Factor (NCF) and Equivalent Forced Outage Factor (EFOF).

EAF represents the percentage of the time that a power plant is capable of producing energy and is normally less than 100% to provide for maintenance. EAF does not consider the actual energy produced. NCF is the percentage of actual energy produced compared to the capacity of energy that the equipment was capable of producing. Finally, Equivalent Forced Outage Factor (EFOF) is the percentage of the time that a plant is not capable of producing energy due to unplanned operational reductions in production.

The below table provides summary data for the past four years and includes EAF, NCF and EFOF. Our EAF decreased in 2012 primarily due to the addition of Dayton Power & Light (DPL) to our generation portfolio. DPL plants have much older equipment which requires more routine and scheduled maintenance.

Wind and Solar

AES has leveraged its expertise in a wide range of fuel technologies to expand beyond thermal energy sources into renewables and alternative sources in many countries. We have invested in renewable and alternative fuel sources, such as wind, solar and hydroelectric power to deliver a mix of energy solutions that respond to market demands.

In 2005, AES launched its wind business, which now has approximately 1,800 MW of wind generation in operation across the USA and Europe. In 2008, we also entered into a joint venture with solar company Riverstone Holdings LLC. AES now has more than 46 utility-scale solar photovoltaic plants totaling 256 MW either in operation or under construction in Bulgaria, France, Greece, India, Italy, Spain and the USA.

Laurel Mountain Wind Plant

AES Laurel Mountain is a wind plant comprised of 98 MW of wind generation and 32 MW of integrated battery-based energy storage located in West Virginia.  The plant supplies more than 260,000 megawatt hours  renewable energy annually.  Laurel Mountain won the 2012  Renewable Energy World Wind Project of the Year.

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Winner of the 2012 Excellence in Renewable Energy Award for Wind Project of the Year

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AES' utilities deliver reliable and affordable electricity to approximately 10 million customers. AES has 8 distribution companies powering major cities, from São Paulo to Indianapolis. We have expanded electricity access to first-time customers in Brazil and El Salvador, and we seek to modernize distribution networks to transmit power and heat efficiently and safely in markets around the world.

AES Utilities Quick Facts

  • Eight distribution companies around the world
  • More than 10 million customers
  • 79,567 GWh of energy sold
  • Fuels: biomass, diesel, coal, gas and hydro

AES Utilities Highlights

  • Brazil: AES Eletropaulo is the largest electric utility in Latin America serving more than 6 million customers.
  • El Salvador: AES distributes electricity to 80 percent of the country.
  • United States: IPL, in Indianapolis, Indiana, is one of the area's leading employers.

Ensuring Reliability

Guaranteeing a steady supply of electricity at any given time requires that our businesses employ modern technologies for power delivery and monitoring system reliability. Reliability is tracked by average number and duration of system interruptions per customer, weighted based on ownership adjusted EBITDA. Our distribution businesses have made system upgrades to improve power delivery and, as a result, customer interruptions have decreased and reliability has improved.

Edison Award for Innovation & Operational Excellence

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  • The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) recently awarded the AES Sonel the International Edison Award, the electric utility industry's most prestigious honor, for the company’s long-term commitment to improving the electricity sector and the overall economy and social well-being in Cameroon.
  • AES completed a program to refurbish and add capacity to the electricity sector in the country, thereby turning it into one of the top performing electricity sectors in Sub Saharan Africa.
  • This award marks the third win in a row for AES in the International Affiliate category and AES’ fourth win in seven years.

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