Andrés Gluski
AES President and
Chief Executive Officer
Andrés Gluski

Message from the CEO

The AES Corporation has long been at the forefront of bringing innovation to generating and distributing electricity more efficiently. Our diverse mix of generation sources provides us the strength and flexibility to adapt to local and regional market needs, maximize plant efficiency and deliver reliable, affordable electricity.

We believe that our businesses do much more than just provide power. Improving lives and making a lasting difference in the communities in which our businesses operate has always been part of AES’ values and mission. We believe it is our responsibility to provide infrastructure solutions that support a sustainable social, economic and environmental future.

As a result, AES corporate sustainability activities focus on a series of proven commitments to our customers and communities; to the environments in which we operate; to our people and businesses; and, to our investors.

  • For our customers, sustainability means we are committed to providing a reliable and affordable power supply. A key component of our sustainability effort is in leveraging our size and buying power to secure the best prices and resources to meet our customers’ needs.
  • For society, sustainability means giving back to the communities in which we operate. AES routinely and consistently works with local people and organizations in the 21 countries in which we operate to identify significant local social and economic needs and design programs to meet them.
  • For the environment, sustainability means operating under strict guidelines and meeting or exceeding environmental requirements everywhere we operate.
  • For AES people, sustainability means maintaining the safest possible workplaces, making a difference while meeting the world's changing power needs in an environmentally responsible and intelligent manner.
  • For our investors, sustainability means successful business growth and long-term performance, based on a long-term outlook.

In this Sustainability section of our website, we highlight how AES puts our commitment to ensuring a sustainable future into action every day. The practices described in this section are rooted in 30 years of AES people living our shared values. In turn, they are supported by governance processes that reinforce our belief that how we accomplish our mission and achieve our vision is as important as what we provide our customers. In these sections, you will learn how we manage and review our businesses across key corporate sustainability areas, and you will find examples of major sustainability milestones we have reached to date.

At the heart of AES’ corporate vision is our commitment to our customers, communities, environment, people and investors — these are the cornerstones upon which our corporate culture is built. As we move forward and continue to distinguish AES as an industry leader in power generation, innovation and sustainability, we invite you to visit our website often to see how our actions bring our words, beliefs and commitments to life.

Best regards,

Andrés Gluski
AES President and Chief Executive Officer

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