Delivering Sustainable Results

AES improves the lives of more than 100 million people every day by delivering safe, reliable and sustainable energy in every market we serve.

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A Company Built on Values, Sustained by Values 

  • We place the highest priority on safety in the workplace and in the communities in which we operate.
  • AES people are committed to the highest standards of integrity in serving all of our stakeholders. Our businesses continually strive to improve operations, leveraging our size and buying power to secure the best prices and resources to meet our customers’ needs.
  • We seek to meet or exceed environmental standards in every market we serve.
  • AES is committed to making a positive contribution to society, beginning in the workplace and the communities in which we operate.

A Sustainable Advantage

Our Business Model: We leverage our electricity assets, experience and knowledge to provide efficient, reliable energy and infrastructure solutions in the markets we serve.

Our Footprint: We are focused on delivering competitive services and products in our core markets of the USA, Chile and Brazil, while also pursuing appropriate business development opportunities in additional markets where we can compete effectively.

Our People: On every business venture, AES people work in teams, adhere to processes, apply discipline and clarity, aim for business agility and accountability, and focus on our customers.

Message from the CEO
"Improving lives and making a lasting difference in the communities in which our businesses operate has always been part of AES’ values and mission. We believe it is our responsibility to provide infrastructure solutions that support a sustainable social, economic and environmental future."

Andrés Gluski
AES President and
Chief Executive Officer

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Earnings & Distributions

Financial stability is the foundation of any sustainable business. For 2013, AES adjusted earnings range was $1.24-$1.32 and our proportional free cash flow was $750 million to $1,050 million.

See Adjusted EPS Reconciliation, Financial Guidance Elements and Definitions.