AES utilities deliver reliable and affordable electricity to approximately 11 million customers in 4 countries worldwide.

AES Utilities Highlights

AES has 9 utilities, or distribution companies, powering major cities, from São Paulo to Indianapolis to Douala. We have expanded electricity access to first-time customers in Brazil, Cameroon and El Salvador, and modernized distribution networks to transmit power and heat efficiently and safely in Chile, the USA and Ukraine. Utility locations include:
  • Brazil: AES Eletropaulo is the largest electric utility in Latin America with more than 6 million customers in São Paulo, while AES Sul distributes electricity to over 1 million customers in the south of Brazil.
  • Cameroon: Our integrated utility AES SONEL is the fifth-largest company in the country.  
  • El Salvador: El Salvador utilities CAESS, CLESA, DEUSEM and EEO serve more than 1 million customers in 80 percent of the country. 
  • United States: Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) and Dayton Power & Light (DPL) together serve more then 1 million customers in the USA Midwest. IPL is one of the area’s leading employers.
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AES Quick Facts
  • In 21 countries across five continents
  • 30 GW of generating capacity
  • 9 utility companies including 8 GW of generating capacity
  • $18 billion in annual revenues
  • A global workforce of approximately 25,000 people