AES utilities deliver reliable and affordable electricity to approximately 10 million customers.

AES Utilities Highlights

AES has eight utilities, or distribution companies, powering major cities, from São Paulo to Indianapolis. We have expanded electricity access to first-time customers in Brazil and El Salvador, and modernized distribution networks to transmit power and heat efficiently and safely in the US. Utility locations include:
  • Brazil: AES Eletropaulo is the largest electric utility in Latin America with more than 6 million customers in São Paulo, while AES Sul distributes electricity to over 1 million customers in the south of Brazil.
  • El Salvador: El Salvador utilities CAESS, CLESA, DEUSEM and EEO serve more than 1 million customers in 80 percent of the country. 
  • United States: Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) and Dayton Power & Light (DPL) together serve more than 1 million customers in the USA Midwest. IPL is one of the area’s leading employers.
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AES Quick Facts
  • In 20 countries across five continents
  • 35 GW of generating capacity
  • Eight utility companies
  • $16 billion in annual revenues
  • A global workforce of approximately 17,800 people