Mission, Vision, Values and Culture

At AES, improving lives and making a lasting difference in the communities in which our businesses operate is a core part of our values and mission. We are committed to a wide range of social, economic and environmental initiatives that will improve the lives of our customers and their communities; protect the environments in which we operate; empower our people and businesses; and, improve long-term returns to our investors.

For more information regarding AES’ sustainability commitments,
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The AES company vision is to be the world’s leading sustainable power company that safely provides reliable, affordable energy. We seek to do this by leveraging our unique electricity platforms and the knowledge of our people to provide the energy and infrastructure solutions our customers truly need. Our people share a passion to help meet the world’s current and increasing energy needs, while providing communities and countries the opportunity for economic growth due to the availability of reliable, affordable electric power.


AES values are at the heart of our operations and we believe these values set AES apart from others in our industry. Every day, our people and businesses around the world are guided by the following core values:

Put Safety First

  • We always put safety first—for our people, contractors and communities.

Act With Integrity

  • Integrity is at the core of everything we do—how we conduct ourselves and how we interact with our stakeholders.

Honor Commitments

  • We honor our commitments to our customers, teammates, communities, owners, suppliers and partners, and we encourage our businesses to make positive contributions to society.

Strive For Excellence

  • We strive to be the best in all that we do and to perform at world-class levels.

Have Fun Through Work

  • Work can be fun, fulfilling and exciting. We appreciate being part of a team that is making a difference and we will work to grow and strengthen our operations.

For AES people, how we accomplish our successes and deliver our product is as important as the services we provide. Ethics, integrity and compliance are the foundation and principles that guide our company and our people. The decisions we make and programs we implement pass through a thorough evaluation process. High standards and expectations are an integral part of our business and culture and are exemplified by the AES Code of Conduct, our Ethics and Compliance Program which includes regular ethics training, and the creation of a global AES Helpline to assist people in decision-making and compliance-related questions.

Across our global workforce, taking into account our diversity in geography, languages and cultures, the AES corporate culture is unmistakably dynamic, yet consistent in its commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability. Our people believe in what they do, are motivated by challenges and are driven to succeed.

AES Helpline


AES has established a global helpline phone and online tool that serves as a confidential channel for expressing concerns.

AES employees are encouraged to use the helpline for guidance regarding legal or regulatory requirements, clarification of AES policies or procedures and for counsel on appropriate behavior.

Our Mission

Improving lives by providing safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions in every market we serve.

Code of Conduct

High standards and expectations are an integral part of our business and culture, and are exemplified by the AES Code of Conduct