Our History

AES is an international power company with generation and distribution businesses across five continents. Since our founding in 1981, AES has driven energy sector growth, pioneered advances in many markets and today stands as a global energy industry leader in innovation and operational excellence.
In 1985, under Roger Sant’s leadership as CEO, the first AES power plant was built in Texas. It quickly became one of the leading competitive power plants in the United States. In 1988, AES became the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the USA, with three plants in operation (Placerita, Beaver Valley and Deepwater). This domestic expansion spurred a global quest for new financing, construction and operational opportunities.
As international markets opened up, AES began generating electricity in the United Kingdom, and then expanded to Argentina, Pakistan, China, Hungary and Brazil.  In 1998, with Dennis Bakke as CEO, AES became an early innovator by acquiring a minority stake in a power plant in the first-and-only generation privatization in India. In West Africa and Central America, AES brought electricity to locales that had never previously had reliable power, while at the same time, serving urban centers such as São Paulo and Indianapolis, IN.
Under Paul Hanrahan's leadership as CEO, AES helped pioneer new pollution control technologies and biomass conversions —in Qatar, Oman, Sri Lanka and Cameroon—and to Bulgaria, where we are built our largest greenfield project to date.  We have also brought renewable sources of energy to market through the acquisition and development of AES Wind Generation in the USA and Europe; and, through AES Solar Energy, LLC, our joint venture with Riverstone Holdings.
Today, with Andrés Gluski at the helm, and with a new Executive Leadership Team and refined organizational structure in place, AES is committed to improving lives through the essential services we provide.  In some regions, our power may drive supercomputers and cutting-edge industrial technologies; in others we may be delivering the first reliable electricity to hospitals, homes, schools and businesses. Regardless of locale, we believe that electricity is essential to human progress and advancing economic growth, public health and security.