Ethics and Compliance

The AES Ethics and Compliance Program is an integral part of our business and culture, helping to define our business practices and corporate expectations worldwide.

As a leader in the global power industry, AES operates under a broad range of economic, political, social and cultural customs and traditions, and an equivalent variety of local, regional and international laws and regulations. Regardless of these challenges, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to conduct business with the highest level of integrity, ethics, and compliance in all situations and we support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As evidence of this commitment, AES has a Code of Conduct and a well-defined process that encourages internal and external stakeholders to bring matters of concern to the company’s attention for prompt resolution. Our people and stakeholders are empowered with a strong sense of ownership and accountability for their work, and we fully expect each person to adhere to our corporate values as described in the Code of Conduct.

AES Helpline


AES has established a global helpline phone and online tool that serves as a confidential channel for expressing concerns.

AES employees are encouraged to use the helpline for guidance regarding legal or regulatory requirements, clarification of AES policies or procedures and for counsel on appropriate behavior.

Our Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, who reports directly to the Financial Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, manages the AES Ethics and Compliance Program and provides regular updates on ethics and compliance issues. Representatives of the Compliance program are located in corporate headquarters and throughout AES business locations globally.


The Ethics and Compliance Program conducts regular training on a variety of ethics and compliance issues including AES corporate values, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and conflicts of interest. In addition, the AES Ethics Champions Program conducts employee training sessions using actual AES business issues and problems, so that participants can discuss how AES values and policies are applied in real-world situations.

Business Partner Due Diligence

AES also holds its business partners and contractors to high ethical standards. Each partner undergoes a thorough due diligence process, and strict compliance language is included in contacts, where appropriate. Compliance language may address such issues as corruption, influence peddling, legal and regulatory compliance and reporting requirements. Compliance Officers work closely with business partners, contractors and project development teams to identify potential ethical concerns and resolve issues before agreements or contracts are signed.
Code of Conduct

High standards and expectations are an integral part of our business and culture, and are exemplified by the AES Code of Conduct